Honorary Marine John Wentling

On August 8, 2015 our chaplain, John Wentling, was awarded the title Honorary Marine in a ceremony at the American Legion Post 34.  His work for Marines over the years is recognized by many, and many of us have been the recipients of his time and generosity.  John’s application was submitted by Major General James E. Livingston and received stellar approvals of politicians, friends, and the final approval came from the CMC at HQMC. 

John was equally surprised to see his entire family walk in the back door at the beginning of the ceremony, and then his family of Marines marched in up front: both of his sons, and three of his grandchildren. He even stood on yellow footprints. The award was presented by John’s son, with gifts being presented by each of his grandchildren. As his family honored their father and grandfather, the room was filled with pride and hearts were touched by the love and honor that was bestowed on John this day.

John is the 94th person since the process has been formalized under MCO 5060.19B, which was implemented in 1992 to have received this prestigious honor which include people like Bob Hope, Jim Nabors, Chuck Norris, Joe Rosenthal and Gary Sinese, to name a few. The Commandant of the Marine Corps is the only person that has the authority to bestow this honor.

John was sworn into the Marine Corps and presented with his Eagle, Globe and Anchor. Then he was sworn into the Olde English Leathernecks as a full member, complete with a new cover that no longer says, “Associate”.

The event was captured by two local news agencies, The Herald and WCCB Charlotte News. You can view the article, with photos, that appeared in the local paper by going to:

You can also view the interview that aired on WCCB by clicking on or copying and pasting this link into your browser:

John, we are proud to have you as our friend, member, and the newest Honorary Marine in the country, as an Olde English Leatherneck.

Oooh-Rah and Semper Fi!


Photo Credit: Tracy Kimball, The Herald