Olde English Leathernecks
The Marines of York County,South Carolina




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 With this uniform you may wear either blue trousers with the NCO red stripe or the optional black trousers.
Other parts of the uniform are:
• Standard Cover
• Devil Dog collar, if authorized (optional)
• Name Tag (optional)
• White Short Sleeve shirt, with military creases (to be Airline pilot style with two (2) pockets with
button down flaps and shoulder epaulets)
• MCL sunburst insignias on collar, centered ½ “ inside the collar tip, with wings on the emblem
parallel to the deck
• Shoulder patches as authorized (USA Flag or MODD)
• MCL ribbons or DoD authorized ribbons, wings, badges (MCL and DoD cannot be mixed)
No medals can be worn on this uniform
• If the long sleeve shirt is worn, a black tie, with the MC or MCL gold tie bar shall be part of the
uniform (No open collar).
•  Trousers, blue dress (with NCOstripe)   with belt, MC khaki web, with web belt brass buckle 
• Shoes, black, plain toe (Military style, highly glossed)
• Socks, black

• OPTIONAL: Black Dress trousers with black leather belt and square gold buckle with MC emblem.


Uniform_6.jpg   Standard cover

• Marine of the Year Medallion or Devil Dog collar, if authorized.

• White shirt (No button down collars and no sunburst insignias).

• Black tie, with MC or MCL gold tie bar

• Blazer, red, with two (2) MCL buttons on front and three (3) MCL buttons on each sleeve cuff

• MCL Crest or MCL authorized plastic pocket name badge

• Lapel pins (Max of two) Optional

• Trousers, black, dress

• Black belt leather, with MC emblem on square gold buckle or Gold MC Ratchet Belt

• Shoes, black, plain toe (Military style, highly glossed)

• Socks, black

• Optional: A black leather dress belt may be worn as a substitute to the black leather belt with MC

emblem on square gold buckle. (The black leather belt with a ratcheting gold MC emblem buckle

is an approved optional dress belt).

• One, two or three large (Standard) MCL Medals or DoD Medals may be worn centered over the

left breast pocket of the MCL red blazer uniform.

• Sunburst insignias are not worn on the shirt collar and the MC dress blue trousers are not worn

with the casual uniform.

Additional Female Undress Uniform Options:

• Tie, black, cross over (USMC style)

• Skirt, black, straight (length should be 1-2” below knees)

• Shoes, plain closed toe, pumps (worn with skirt only)

• Hose, nylon, black (worn with pumps only)

• Earrings, (optional) Small white pearl type OR gold ball, not to exceed 9mm. When worn,

earrings will fit tight against the ear and will not extend below the ear lobe.


Uniform_7.jpg  Uniform_8.jpg


• Standard cover (recommended not worn at indoor formal events or ceremonies)

• Marine of the Year Medallion or Devil Dog collar, if authorized

• Military bow tie, black

• White shirt, formal (Standard collar) pleaded front (No ruffles)

• Gold cuff links and gold studs

• Cummerbund, gold or gold vest front (Only approved design)

• Trousers, SNCO evening dress, with NCO Red stripe OR Trousers, black tux or trousers, black,

with black dress belt.

• MCL Red Evening Dress jacket, with MCL buttons, gold waist chain, and sunburst insignias at

locating holes in jacket collar.

• Lapel pins, (optional)

• Shoes, black plain toe (Military style, highly glossed)

• Socks, black

• Miniature medals, wings, badges



  • OPTIONAL: The Red Blazer may be worn as an option to the Red Evening Dress Jacket with

formal dress uniform.

• If the Red Blazer option is chosen, the following applies:

• The blue dress trousers, with red NCO stripe cannot be worn

• The MCL crest is optional if miniature medals are worn

• Medals may be worn per paragraph (s) I, II & III of enclosure three (3) uniform code.

• Additional Female Formal Uniform Options:

Please see Enclosure 3 of the National Bylaws & Administrative Procedures.  

Any Questions Uniform Chairman for Detachment 1123 is Rick Hinson 


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